Not for profit organisations

Organisations in the not-for-profit sector tend to have less flexibility, so it is even more critical that they implement a well-constructed business plan.

In this sector there are often restrictions on the activities an organisation can pursue and how funding can be spent as well as increased levels of scrutiny.

A not-for-profit organisation doesn't have the flexibility of its profit margin, so it has to make sure that its cash projections are thoroughly planned.

The effective and affordable planning solution offered by Sightpath is highly appropriate for this sector.

20% discount for charities

We want to contribute to the great work undertaken by the many and varied not-for-profit organisations operating in the UK.

The better planned they are - the more they can give to the various communities they serve and we can help.

That’s why we offer a 20% discount for charities.

If you need to produce an effective plan for a not-for-profit organisation please contact us.