Jeremy Webb


Jeremy spent some 34 years with Barclays from Junior Clerk to Corporate Lending Manager and just about every branch based job in between. The last 20 years were spent in the South West London area working with about 950 owner managed businesses across just about every industry sector. Additionally he was a Director at Kingston Chamber of Commerce for eight years working with members and others wearing a very different hat! After leaving Barclays he joined a multinational SME in the IT Services sector before setting up his own company in Business and Business Finance Consulting and enjoys being a gamekeeper turned poacher!

He sees Sightpath as a superb tool to help clients plan the growth of their businesses and to model the effect of changes they wish to make while balancing the results in terms of customers, capability and cash.

I say: ” I have seen a number of different business planning tools at work some of which are DIY and some which depend on operation by a highly skilled professional. None of them delivers the quality of output that Sightpath can. It also has very sophisticated modelling tools for marketing planning, both in terms of client / customer acquisition and retention. This makes it truly unique and of great value to businesses no matter how sophisticated they may be.”