Reliable Roofer

When I sat down with my Sightpath Catalyst last January, I told him categorically that Reliable Roofer was happy as a one-man-band and had no plans to expand.

Just over a month later we are working on an innovative Business Development Plan towards our goal of increasing the workforce by one person a year for the next three years and what’s more, the plan feels realistic and achievable.

Sightpath has developed a business planning system which actually made business planning a pleasure and the support doesn’t stop when the plan is prepared. Our Sightpath Catalyst understands this is a growing and changing part of our business and is helping not just by getting us started, but by providing e-mail and telephone support, he is working with us to make our planning part of our daily routine.

I would not hesitate to recommend the Sightpath approach and service to any small business, whether at the start-up stage or more established. Either way introducing them to Sightpath will be setting them on a path to success.

Dinah Liversidge

Director, Reliable Roofer

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