Pinnacle Proactive Ltd

From day one of setting up my business, I had always had a vague business plan in my head. However, my Sightpath Catalyst has helped to make that business plan suddenly feel far more realistic and achievable.

Within the space of just half a day, my Catalyst was able to model my business and extract all the information that he needed to provide me with a comprehensive 5-year business plan.

As much as it pains me to admit it, by the end of the session, in some ways it almost felt that he knew my business better than I did!

Since meeting my Sightpath Catalyst and studying the plan that he has provided, I have felt a new sense of focus and invigoration for something that I already enjoyed immensly.

By adhering to the plan, I am now confident that I am optimising my use of time, money and other resources.

In short, I would not hesitate in recommending Sightpath to anyone else who is seeking to streamline their business plan or to take their business to the next level.

Richard Reid

Director, Pinnacle Proactive

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