Open Capital Ltd

I’ve always been extremely confident in our unique asset finance proposition and in my personal ability to obtain customers, but when I required finance from my bank to support our business growth, they required a detailed business plan.

I needed a professional business plan and I needed it fast and someone suggested I contact Sightpath.

I was very impressed with the Sightpath Catalyst’s ability to interpret and model my business in the Sightpath system. Within a few hours we had a model of our business that enabled us to play ‘what ifs’ and get a clear route map for me to take the business forward.

The projections we produced were easily sufficient to satisfy the demands of my bank and they released the funds.

Not only was the bank satisfied with my professional business plan, but more importantly I felt much more confident that I would be successful in growing my business.

I thoroughly recommend the Sightpath service to anyone aiming to start or grow a business.

There is now a danger that an enthusiastic and skilled entrepreneur is fast becoming a logical and effective businessman. The difference – simple, MONEY! 

Ian Gell

Director, Open Capital Group

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