Questions for you

How much would you like your business to be worth?

Do you have a business strategy and business plan to increase your business value?

Do you have a marketing plan showing how you will win the new customers targeted in your business plan?

Have you calculated how much business funding you will need to deliver your business plan?


"I would recommend Sightpath to anyone needing some honest advice and some expert help with their business planning."

Kerry Harding, Enjoy Bed and Breakfast Ltd

"The business plan looks very professional and certainly met our needs. It has already helped to enhance the size of our business and achieve our goals."

Khalid Cook, Santrex Internet Services Ltd

"I would definitely recommend Sightpath to anyone wishing to take their business to the next level."

Louis Belizaire-Pool, ACtest Ltd

“I would like to thank you and your team for helping me obtain finance under the Enterprise Finance Guarantee scheme. I took the business plan we produced to the bank and my loan was approved in principle on the same day.”

Etienne Baird, Deriba Furniture Ltd

“When hanging over the precipice of uncertainty, Sightpath provided a positive insight to our predicament enabling us to focus on our business activity and look ahead with a more optimistic view. As a result we now have clear vision and direction with growth very much on the agenda.”

Andrew Smart, AC Cooper Ltd

“We were very impressed with how our Sightpath Catalyst quickly interpreted the unique requirements of our business and used the Sightpath system to produce a comprehensive set of projections.”

Ikram Esa, Safe Depot Ltd

“I have used the Sightpath business planning service for over three years and can say that it has changed the way I make business decisions; I believe that it has made me a better business owner and a more successful entrepreneir. I would not work without it' I thoroughly recommend it to you.”

Simon Smith, Betternest Ltd

“With so many businesses failing due to poor planning, I think Sightpath's business planning service is a 'must have' for any business wanting to be one of the elite few that survive and prosper.”

Nick Taimitarha, The Best of Richmond

“From day one of setting up my business, I had always had a vague business plan in my head. However, my Sightpath Catalyst has helped to make that business plan suddenly feel far more realistic and achievable.”

Richard Reid, Pinnacle Proactive Ltd

“Most business valuation services offer little more than the valuation itself, so I was pleased to discover that Sightpath provides a valuation as part of its standard business planning service - and all for a very reasonable price.”

Conal Cunningham, Bush Studios Ltd

Why the yacht?

Business Plan Service

Our fast Business Plan Service provides an effective way to plan how to increase sales, profits and the valuation of your business, call 0845 468 2020

Plan how your small business can grow to achieve these 2 universal measures of success:

  1. Your business provides you with an income greater than you could command working for another company
  2. Your business is increasing in valuation each year

Manage your company like a Business Developer

What do we mean by Business Developer?

A property developer knows how best to develop a property to maximise its valuation. It's the same in business - a Business Developer will focus on maximising the business valuation.

Chief Executives of listed companies are judged against their share price and hence their business valuation, shouldn't your success also be judged by the value of your business?

Even if you don't plan to sell your company for the foreseeable future, you can still benefit from this approach.

What are the benefits of behaving like a Business Developer?

When you behave like a Business Developer, it not only becomes easier to make the right strategic decisions to increase the future valuation, we've also found that it makes the business more profitable right away.

This is because when you focus on the same core attributes that a buyer would value, it helps you keep it lean and efficient, easier to manage and more profitable. All of which are particularly helpful during unpredictable market conditions.

As the business owner, you'll be able to take more earnings and benefit from an increase in:

  1. Pleasure running your business whilst you own it
  2. Affluence after you sell your business
  3. Influence over how and when you sell it and what you can do next
  4. Difference you can make to others

We also expect business owners to have more fun and less stress.

How does a business owner manage like a Business developer?

Suppose there are several ways you could invest your time and money in the business, yet the resulting valuations might be very different. Given the choice, wouldn't you choose the strategy that will deliver the higher valuation?

Of course you would, as long as you have a way to assess which strategy would lead to the higher valuation. And we're not talking about simply valuing assets and earnings; we're including the strategic value of the business to the likely purchaser.

How can Sightpath help?

Sightpath will create a model of your business in our Business Development System and help you explore the impact on valuation of various strategies. We then generate a Business Plan, which you can implement and use to raise finance if required.

It's never too early to start thinking like a Business Developer and groom your business to maximise valuation, in fact we use the same business modelling with start-ups.

Now's the time to generate and implement a business plan focussed on building the valuation of your business.

Free e-book: The 5 essentials to reach your desired business valuation in your chosen timescale

To build business value, you need a dynamic approach to: Business Valuation, Business Planning, Marketing Planning, Business Funding.

To make it easy for you, we've linked these to provide you with a fast, effective and affordable Business Planning Service.

In just a few hours, we can use our powerful Business Development System to model your business and calculate your Business Valuation against the Business Funding you're able to invest. When we've found the right balance we'll create your Business Plan and Marketing Plan to get you there. We then offer to provide a marketing service to help you achieve your plan and we'll review progress, revise your plan and maintain momentum.

For a preliminary chat without obligation please call 0845 468 2020

The best measure of your success is your business valuation. Work out what business valuation you would like to achieve in what timescale and you have your Strategic Objective. This means you need a quick and consistent method of valuing your business in order to monitor progress. Our powerful Business Development System includes projections of business value.

More on Business Valuation.

A business plan will help create focus, motivation, confidence and success. You tell us about your ambitions, your customers and your products or services and we’ll use our system to process all the numbers from customers through to cash flow and your Business Valuation.

More on Business Planning.

A Marketing Plan shows how you will win the new customers targeted in your business plan. We'll brainstorm with you all your marketing options using the same system we’ve already used to model your business plan. This enables us to develop the most appropriate Marketing Plan with the best return-on-investment and the lowest cost-of-customer acquisition.

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Many small businesses waste their precious time and money trying to grow their business without sufficient funding.

A Sightpath business plan helps you decide whether you need business finance and provides advice on how best to raise capital. Sightpath can also match you with potential investors.

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