Typical profile of a Sightpath Business Catalyst

If you’re currently looking for a job as a Business Advisor or Management Consultant, you might like to consider the role of a Sightpath Business Catalyst.

Please review the following to check whether it would suit you:

Key attributes (already inherent):

  • To listen and communicate clearly
  • To assimilate key information
  • To be perceptive and incisive

Core skills (can be trained):

  • To understand marketing methods
  • To understand business metrics and finance
  • To operate the Sightpath Business Development System

Likely background:

  • Business Owner or Manager
  • Business Advisor or Management Consultant
  • Marketing Professional
  • Finance Professional
  • Senior Management

If you think you have what it takes to be a Sightpath Business Catalyst, the next step is to email us your CV – contacts